Bulgaria Fast Ferry Ltd. was founded in 2011 and is currently the only company in Bulgaria, offering maritime transport with high-speed passenger ships.


The company owns two ships on sub-surface wings – hydrofoil type (‘Comet’). During the summer season these perform daily courses on the route Sunny beach, Nessebar, Pomorie and Sozopol, as well as charter cruises upon request between the large ports of the Bulgarian seaside.


Since January 2016 our fleet was joined by a high-speed passenger catamaran – ‘SEACAT 1’ – which will gradually replace the ‘Comet’ type ships. The catamaran was built in Norway and is compliant with the highest standards for safety and comfort.


The Seacat owns a capacity of 150 passengers, and it also has central ventilation and air-conditioning system, bar, cargo department for 16 euro pallets (8 tons) and develops a cruise velocity of 30 sea knots.


We offer to your attention the possibility to ease the tense traffic in the hot summer days with the comfortable and pleasant travel on board of our ships.
This will save both your time, your strength and your money.


Customer and Services

Bulgaria Fast Ferry Ltd. guarantees the quality for all our services and boasts the best professional treatment for our customers.

Our utmost care is the safety and comfort for the passengers on board.


Should you want more information for a specific route – kindly contact us.